National Day of Civic Hacking – Miami

Posted on May 16, 2013 by nina

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Hack For Change: Miami is helping build a community of civic innovation in South Florida. A wide variety of individuals and organizations have come together to foster of a culture of open government, civic engagement, sustainability and technology for good.

It’s our data….let’s make something of it!

Hack For Change: Miami will have three major themes:

The Art of Government Data // #artofgovdata 
We want participants to explore the use of government data sets as the raw material for artistic expression. What do “we” and “our society” look like when visualized by artists working together with programmers? What do we sound like if composers use government data sets as the fuel for composition? Visualize us! Make some music! Here’s a link to one fun example of a team that composed a symphony using the Federal Government’s daily cash balance data stream!

Sustainability // #code2sustain
How can we leverage environmental data to hack solutions for a more sustainable future? #code2sustain will unlock green data sets for innovators to develop game-changing applications.

Code For America Write-a-thon
No coding experience? No problem. Get started with civic hacking with a write-a-thon for with Miami’s new Code For America Brigade and Hacks/Hackers MiamiYour local knowledge, stories and photos will help create and edit a community-driven Wiki about our city that engages visitors and residents.

Other Activities

Miami Dade County has posed two challenges for developers. Different Federal agencies have posted challenges. Teams may want to tackle one of these problems.


National Day of Civic Hacking is a national event that will take place June 1-2, 2013, in cities across the nation. The event will bring together citizens, software developers, and entrepreneurs from all over the nation to collaboratively create, build, and invent new solutions using publicly-released data, code and technology to solve challenges relevant to our neighborhoods, our cities, our states and our country. National Day of Civic Hacking will provide citizens an opportunity to do what is most quintessentially American: roll up our sleeves, get involved and work together to improve our society.

The event will leverage the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of those outside federal, state and local government to drive meaningful, technology-based solutions for federal, state and local government. It demonstrates what’s possible when we all work together to strengthen our society and our lives. YOU can make a difference no matter where you live.


You should participate in National Day of Civic Hacking because the toughest challenges are not one community’s alone to solve. This is a unique opportunity to get involved, connect with others like yourself, and develop technology that will make the world a better place.

o   Demonstrate a commitment to the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration.

o   Exercise a government’s interest in using open data and technology, in partnership with others, to address your local community’s felt needs.

o   Liberate open data that can inform better problem solving in every community.

o   Continue to collectively map a national innovation ecosystem and create new access points to that system.

o   Engage citizens in cities with little technology infrastructure to contribute to changing their community through open source, open data, entrepreneurship and code development.

o   Promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education by encouraging students to utilize open technology for solutions to real challenges.

o   Encourage large scale partnership and mutual understanding.