Battle Hack – A Hackathon Series To Discover The Ultimate Hackers on Earth

Posted on August 21, 2013 by nina

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For more information on Battle Hack, click here.
Create an app that helps solve a local problem

First Battle: Conquer Your City
Here’s your shot to become national hack heroes. Create a killer app to help your city, get plenty of cool giveaways, tech toys, food, and beer.
Win your city, represent your country, and march straight to our World Finals. Earn the respect of your countrymen because you are now their Ultimate Hacker.
Final Battle: The World Finals
Your Code. Our Globe. The Battle to end all Battles. Will you win The Biggest Hack Prize In History? No theme, no limitations.Best Team + Best App = $100,000 USD prize.
Money. Glory for Your Country. And the title of the World’s Ultimate Hackers For Good.
And did we mention there’s an axe trophy?
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