{Happy Hour} at your Desk

Posted on June 11, 2014 by deskdrinkers

We are a Miami based Online Craft Beer Startup called Desk Drinkers. We deliver a hand picked, rotating selection of Craft Beer directly to your office every Friday.

We all work together as a team throughout the week and we thought what better way to reward this hard work with an informal gathering over a hand picked craft beers. It’s a great way to recap the week and plan for the week ahead. Friday 5pm is the best time to have this gathering with your team and gives them the opportunity to bond and work better in sync.
While making an order from Desk Drinkers is cheaper and easier than going to a local bar, we also have to keep in mind that at 5pm on Friday’s bars are packed and its difficult to hold a conversation and strategize. We are not directly competing with bar happy hours, we are introducing new craft beers to people that normally wouldn’t order them at a bar because they don’t necessarily know about these beers.
The craft beer scene has exploded in Miami as well as the rest of the US. Parallel to that we see a growth in startups in Miami. Putting these two together and wanting people to learn and taste craft beers that are not necessarily at the grocery store or the local bar, made us realize that there is an opportunity to educate people on craft beer as well as help these companies in creating better working relationships through team bonding.
We hand pick each brewery and beers ranging from Pale Ale’s, IPA’s, Stouts, Porters to Lagers. We have picked beers locally, from all over the US and some from abroad so that our customers get the opportunity to compare every brewing style.