Brain Circulation and Miami’s future as a Start-Up City

Posted on February 11, 2013 by nina

Published by Beached Miami

Ahead of Start-Up City: Miami, I met with Florida, author of several influential books, including 2002′s The Rise Of The Creative Class, to discuss what Miami needs to do to transcend the (outdated) fun-and-sun stereotype and become a global ideas capital. Here is an edited transcript of our conversation.

To start, put the term “start-up” in context. Are you talking about a Silicon Valley-style tech industry?

Florida: When I wrote The Rise of the Creative Class and I identified these three Ts — technology, talent, and tolerance — I said cities that did all three had an economic edge. And I said that’s Silicon Valley, Austin, Boston, Seattle, on and on. And I used Pittsburg as an example of a city that had great technology but lacked tolerance and talent. And I used Miami, in that book, as an example of a city that was tolerant in lifestyle but lacked technology.

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