Square is tracking where you buy to predict what you’ll buy next

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Published by Venture Beat

By Jolie O’Dell

The promise of social checkins has always been that they’ll make money by revealing to marketers where you are and when you want to buy stuff. Payments startup Square thinks it can do ya one better: telling marketers where you already bought stuff and where you’re likely to want to buy more in the future.

In a chat with The Verge, Square discovery chief Ajit Varma said, “We can tell you that people who like X might also like Y, and it’s a true representation of what you’ve bought.”

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Brad Feld at RokkMiami 2013!

Video of Brad Feld at RokkMiami

The brainstorm, collaboration and dialogue that took place at RokkMiami, were very inspiring and motivated the community to keep that hunger and creativity to continue building Miami as the new hub for innovation and technology.

Brad Feld shared insights and served as a great guide to help identify what has worked in the past and areas that haven’t worked so well. The conversation brought some actionable items that were included in the roadmap.

The video will give you a taste of what happened at this amazing event.

Rokk Miami plans roadmap for tech hub

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Published by The Miami Herald

By Nancy Dahlberg

What does Miami need to put it on the map as a vibrant tech hub?

That’s the focus of Monday’s Rokk Miami, which will bring together up to 140 people from the community — entrepreneurs, foundations, government leaders, educators, big businesses and others — to assemble a roadmap for building a tech hub. Rokk Miami will be hosted by Miami Beach-based Rokk3r Labs, the Knight Foundationand Brad Feld, the well-known investor and author of Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City who will be at the event to advise and help guide the roadmap process.

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5 social media predictions for 2013

Published by The Starting Gate

The LAB Miami is flying in digital marketing expert Katya Constantine to lead a  workshop on customer acquisition and digital marketing that will address how to best use the channels to acquire and retain customers, how to optimize your costs and track and measure performance. More details on the workshop, taking place May 6, are here:http://labcustomeracquisition.eventbrite.com. Below is her guest post.

By Katya Constantine


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RokkMiami Will Rock Your World

It is almost here…

Brad Feld, Rokk3r Labs and Knight Foundation are hosting:

‘Rokk Miami: A Roadmap for Miami’s
Startup and Technology Community’

A first of its kind event where entrepreneurs and the Miami community come together to map the way towards an innovation and technology driven ecosystem. Check the details at www.rokkmiami.co

April 29th, 2013.

Check out the promo video here

Not Your Traditional Incubator: Rokk3r Labs, a Hybrid Investor-Accelerator

Published by Entrepreneur

Frustration often leads to innovation. For Miami-based entrepreneurs Nabyl Charania and German Montoya, slow product launches proved to be their inspiration.

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Collaborative Intelligence: how collaborating across industries turns ideas into a business

Published by The Starting Gate

What happens when an advertising entrepreneur, mobile interface designer and communications expert come together serendipitously to create the next great mobile app?

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Pandora Competitor Senzari Rebrands Its Music Service “Wahwah,” Goes Mobile-First With New Personalized Radio App

Published by TechCrunch

Senzari, the Miami-based Pandora competitor backed by $3 million in funding from 500 Startups and other angels, is making good on its recent acquisition of  the Berlin-based streaming music app Wahwah.fm. The company is now spinning off its music efforts as a mobile-first streaming radio application, rebranded as just Wahwah. In the meantime, the Senzari web-based streaming service is being temporarily shut down, as the product is rebuilt.

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SuperConf’s Startup Blast Off: And the winners are…


Published by TNW

The third edition of SuperConf officially kicked off at Miami’s Knight Center this Thursday with Startup Blast Off, a pitching competition that saw eight teams compete for a top prize of $22,000 in cash and rewards.

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