Tech firm expands, relocates in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood

Wynwood Walls, near the site of the Maker Faire. The event also highlighted Wynwood's neighborhood and cultural scene.

Published by South Florida Business Journal

Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood is gaining another technology firm’s headquarters – this time for mobile payment company YellowPepper.

The company said it is moving its corporate headquarters from Aventura to Wynwood, and hiring 10 new digital/software developers in the meantime. YellowPepper provides mobile banking and payment applications, mostly in Latin America.

“Wynwood is becoming the hub for creativity and tech development in Miami,” YellowPepper COO Alberto Bonetti said. “It has a really creative vibe there, and we want [the new hires] to capture that and interact with that.” Continue Reading →

Juan Pablo Cappello at #RASUFest

Published by PulsoSocial.

The best moment to create a company and become an entrepreneur is now,” Juan Pablo Cappello told the #RASUFest audience this week in Santiago. An investor in over 20 companies and a co-founder of crowdfunding platform, Cappello spoke with PulsoSocial after his presentation about what needs to change in Latin America’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Continue Reading →

Startups Fuel Miami’s Tech Boom

Published by Ocean Drive Magazine

By Marc Goodman

Andrés Moreno landed in San Francisco from Caracas in 2007 with $700. His mission: to raise money for his new online English instruction service, Open English. After three years of sleeping on friends’ couches in Silicon Valley, he finally raised $2 million. But then a strange thing happened: He moved the company to Coconut Grove. His students jumped from 5,000 in 2010 to 70,000 today. This spring, Open English raised $65 million, for a total of $120 million—the largest funding for educational technology ever, valuing the company at $350 million. Moreno and his wife and partner, who star in the company’s TV ads, often need security to fend off their fans in Latin American airports.

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Battle Hack – A Hackathon Series To Discover The Ultimate Hackers on Earth

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 2.33.07 PM

For more information on Battle Hack, click here.
Create an app that helps solve a local problem

First Battle: Conquer Your City
Here’s your shot to become national hack heroes. Create a killer app to help your city, get plenty of cool giveaways, tech toys, food, and beer.
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UsefulTools to Debut Call Center Agent Platform at TechCrunch Disrupt

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 10.41.51 AM

Published by Reuters

UsefulTools, Inc., a technology startup based out of Miami’s Pipeline Brickell Offices, will be debuting its new online service this September at TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco. The company, which was founded by entrepreneur Adam Boalt last December shortly after his successful exit from his previous company, has developed a turnkey platform providing small businesses, marketers and softwaredevelopers with access to over 100,000 call center agents operating in 46 call centers. The software as a service (SaaS) allows businesses to create agent scripts and launch live answering solutions in under 60 seconds for as little as $0.50/minute.

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Local Tech Start-up Creates a Customizable Bluetooth Device that Finds Lost Stuff

Jayster Find your stuff

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Blue Ring Technologies, a start-up tech company in Davie, FL, recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on in search of $3,500 to fund its first product, the Jayster keychain. The company plans to use the funds to help raise enough capital to produce their first 100 units. The Bluetooth device comes with a complimentary app for iOS and Android devices.

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Save the date!! The Makin Bacon Hackathon II is almost here!

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Last April, Emphasys Software hosted its first “Makin Bacon Hackathon.”

An event where developers, designers, and programmers collaborated and built things they wanted to see in the world. We are now very excited to continue our support for the growing technology scene and announce the “Makin Bacon Hackathon II.

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South Florida’s app economy emerging on many fronts

By Mike Seemuth

Special to The Miami Herald

A Miami-based developer of online training programs called LearnerNation is improving its mobility while raising money to expand. The young company is easing access to its website with a smartphone, having decided against the alternative of creating a mobile app for a particular brand of handset, such as Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android. “That could be extremely costly for a startup, and also you become more app-centric at that point,” said Michael Laas, co-founder and chief operating officer of LearnerNation. “Another way you can go is, we’re actually going to be designing our site to be browser-friendly for smartphones, so it doesn’t matter if you’re logging in from an iPhone or an Android phone.”

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Geeky Beach Is On The List: Top 2-3 Entrepreneur Resources Sites by U.S. Market

Published by CoFoundersLab

Startups are a long, hard road, and entrepreneurs need a community to lean on. So where does one turn online for the best information on local resources, events, insights, and other happenings in the local startup ecosystem?  We looked at 15 markets in the U.S. and compiled a list of the best sites in each particular market with valuable information for entrepreneurs.  If you live/work in one of these markets, check out the following sites and get better plugged in to your local startup community.
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National Day of Civic Hacking – Miami

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Hack For Change: Miami is helping build a community of civic innovation in South Florida. A wide variety of individuals and organizations have come together to foster of a culture of open government, civic engagement, sustainability and technology for good.

It’s our data….let’s make something of it!

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