Launch Pad to open tech accelerator in downtown Miami

Published by The Miami Herald

Through a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership slated to be announced Friday, a new technology business accelerator designed to recruit and cultivate high-growth start-ups is coming to downtown Miami.

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América Latina, una potencia tecnológica emergente

Published by The Wall Street Journal

En edificios envejecidos, escondidos en calles que pasan desapercibidas en los barrios bohemios de Condesa y Roma en Ciudad de México, está ocurriendo una especie de revolución. Veinteañeros en camisetas trabajan en sus laptops, escribiendo códigos y diseñando interfaces de usuario para portales en Internet de nuevas empresas tecnológicas.

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The Next Emerging Tech Powerhouse: Latin America

Published by All Things D

In aging buildings, hidden on unassuming side streets in the Bohemian sections of Mexico City known as Condesa and Roma, a revolution of sorts is occurring. Twentysomethings in T-shirts huddle over laptops, writing code and working on user interfaces for start-up technology Web sites. Design approaches are debated, and Lean Startup methodologyis a regular topic of conversation between games of ping pong. Were it not for the fact that all discussion takes place in Spanish, the scenes in these offices would be indistinguishable from those in offices in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, or any of the other South Bay suburbs that form the heart of Silicon Valley. But this is not Sunnyvale.

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LatAm entrepreneurs invade San Francisco to disrupt

Published by Latin America Startup Blog

Although of course there are millions of ordinary people in Latin America that don’t give a second thought to the notion of tech entrepreneurship, in that small but growing community of people that do care on a daily basis, it seems like there aren’t many at home this week, whether you look in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, or Rio.  A good many of the entrepreneurs that fuel the community, both on the entrepreneurial side as well as the investor side, have packed their bags and headed North.

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Google announces its first Latin American data center will be in Chile

Published by The Next Web

Google has announced the launch of its first Latin American data center, FayerWayer reports. Based in Quilicura near Santiago, Chile, it will serve several countries across the region.

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Miami players heat up Brazil tech conference

Published by The Starting Gate, Miami Herald

The Next Web’s Latin American Conference, held in Sao Paulo Aug. 22-23, brought together tech industry keynote speakers such as Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, Nicolas Szekazy, co-founder of Kaszek Ventures, and Miami’s own Demian Bellumio, COO of Senzari, as well as an action packed Startup Battle featuring startups from Latin America’s best accelerators delivering their pitches to a panel of expert judges.

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Andres Barreto to startups: “Don’t let Latin American VCs lead your round”

Published by TNW Latin America

Colombian entrepreneur Andres Barreto was one of the guest speakers at Start-Up Chile’s SUPWeek, a one-week entrepreneurship event series that took place in Santiago, Chile. The goal of his workshop was to share valuable and very frank advice with the program’s alumni.

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Refresh Miami turnout a symbol for how far tech community has come

Published by The Miami Herald Blog The Starting Gate

When Brian Breslin founded Refresh Miami in 2006, his monthly meetup would be five people at a Starbucks. Last night, it was standing room only — about 300 people — at University of Miami’s Storer Auditorium for its monthly event, themed “Founder Matchmaking: Finding your Tech/Biz Partner.”

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Startup Roulette: Wormhole I.T.

Previous winners of the FIU AVCC, Wormhole I.T., talks about the great opportunities that came about from the conference.