Keep It Lean: Part 1

WTF is a lean startup? On this episode we asked Startups around town how they keep it lean.

Foursquare Freebies: Check-in

We wanted to find out where you can save money using modern technology. Social media=savings, Foursquare specials in South Florida

Geeky Beach: Zombie Attack

On this episode we find out how developers, programmers and entrepreneurs avoid brain drain.

Geeky Beach: Perfecting you Pitch

On this episode of Geeky Beach, we give you the survival guide to Shark Tanks! We talk to Marco Giberti, a respected Angel Investor in the U.S., Europe and Latin America about perfecting your pitch. This one is for you entrepreneur!

Geeky Beach: Sith Lord Dave McClure

During their layover in Miami, Geeks on a Plane leader Dave McClure talked about the importance of investing in companies outside the United States and cultural interchange of ideas.

Geeky Beach: 500 Startups Bedy Yang

“International Hunter and Gatherer” from 500 Startups Bedy Yang know what’s new in Latin America Startup Scene. The Brazilian “moleca” takes some time to talk to CVOX Group about the new trends in tech community. BRTech Brazil is growing!


Geeky Beach: HackDay Buenos Aires 2012

Demian Bellumio is founder of Hackday Foundation and COO of Senzari. He hosted the Geeks on a Plane in Miami and talks about the selection for Hackday Buenos Aires

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