Beyond Money: What Startups Need From Investors

Published by Mashable

As creatives, we might imagine investors to be souless suits behind Excel spreadsheets who do little more than sign checks — but that’s far from true. Increasingly, VCs are people who used to be entrepreneurs (Kevin Rose, Mark Suster, Josh Kopelman). Many startup founders actually prefer to take money from someone who has been in the trenches. You might spend most of your time competing for funding — trying to stand out from the multitude of startups hoping to raise a round — but don’t forget that for VCs, they must compete for the best startups as well. One way they do that is through value-add, or offering additional services to their portfolio companies. Atlas Ventures VC Dustin Dolginow says these services are no longer “above and beyond” — they’re crucial.

“Capital is a crappy differentiator,” Dolginow says.

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5 social media predictions for 2013

Published by The Starting Gate

The LAB Miami is flying in digital marketing expert Katya Constantine to lead a  workshop on customer acquisition and digital marketing that will address how to best use the channels to acquire and retain customers, how to optimize your costs and track and measure performance. More details on the workshop, taking place May 6, are here: Below is her guest post.

By Katya Constantine


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Appilicious Helps You Stay Healthy The Go

Written by John Koncurat

We are Appilicious!! – Our company is working in downtown Miami Florida to build innovative customer driven software applications.  We developed the first hCG Diet App in the world in 2009.  Now in 2013 we have advanced our app may times over to make it the gold standard in hCG tracking technology. Our app is downloadable for phone or tablet devices in the Apple and Android marketplaces. In conjunction with our hCG Diet app we have launched Dr2App.  Dr2App is exclusive to our company. The purpose is to connect physicians to their patients, via our app and admin site, allowing the doctors to monitor their patients weight-loss progress remotely 24/7.

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Blame it on the Aaaaap!

Written by Camila Souza (@CSouzy)

Last night we stopped by the University of Miami to check out Refresh Miami to find out the latest local innovations for the entertainment business. Refresh is a monthly meet-up for South Florida techies looking to connect with like-minded people, and learn from each other. All seats were filled, people chatting and eating pizza, while waiting for the presentations to start. It was great to see how dynamic the event was–truly refreshing. The topic of the night was Tech+Entertainment.

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Hacks are Whack?!

Written by Ray Ruga (@RayRuga)

“The tenants we attract expect the highest level of technology and security and a hackathon by definition does not support this perception,” –Unnamed Miami Property Manager.

Can Miami develop a fledgling tech community when individuals with the tools to help make it happen have such a misinformed perception as the property manager quoted above?!When we set out to look for a venue for the upcoming AT&T Mobile App Hackathon, one of the requirements was for the venue to have a 50Mbps internet connection. While we found a ton of places that could host up to 200 hackers, none had the required internet capability.  Local Miami Herald reporter Nancy Dahlberg (@ndahlberg) recently posed the question, “Can Miami become a tech entrepreneurship hub for LatAm?” How can this city possibly begin to become this hub for technology when our infrastructure is so lacking?

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Geeky Beach: Perfecting you Pitch

On this episode of Geeky Beach, we give you the survival guide to Shark Tanks! We talk to Marco Giberti, a respected Angel Investor in the U.S., Europe and Latin America about perfecting your pitch. This one is for you entrepreneur!

Gadgets for Summer

Published by My Life Scoop

Whether it is water-resistant, solar powered or just a useful item to keep you cool during the summer heat, there really is some fun technology to enjoy during the summer months.

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You Could Be A Dork

When it comes to the investor & entrepreneur dance, venues may change from time to time, but the moves are generally consistent, repeatable, and (sadly) predictable. Been there, done that, don’t be the dork

Rick Segal is back with another great post on the mobile startup/VC space. Rick’s comedic tastes do not reflect those of

With apologies and props to Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck” routines.

You could be a dork…
If you have an out of office message saying you’re on the road with limited access to email. Really? Unless you are traveling on Antarctica, there’s always connectivity.

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Another Super Angel Levels Up: Aydin Senkut’s Felicis Ventures Closes $70M

The Palo Alto firm is mirroring a trend we’re seeing across the entire industry as early-stage funds get bigger. Dave McClure’s 500 Startups recently raised $50 million while True Ventures closed $205 million yesterday and Seattle’s Madrona Ventures closed its biggest fund yet this week with $300 million. Senkut went for a bigger fund so that he could support more services like recruiting, marketing and PR and design for Felicis’ portfolio companies.

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How to close a $1m round with 500 Startups’ Dave McClure

Update: Dave McClure has clarified in a comment how the deal negotiation actually happened:

“We discussed terms via face2face mtgs and phone calls, then confirmed closing via SMS. not exactly revolutionary or all that unusual, except that our f2f meetings occurred after midnight in places like Paris & Munich over drinks ;) good luck Senzari!”

The music service Senzari has taken the opportunity of Geeks on a Plane‘s second trip to Latin America to announce that it has raised $1m in additional funding from 500 Startups and unnamed angel investors.

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