Refresh July

Blame it on the Aaaaap!

Posted on July 26, 2012 by nina

Written by Camila Souza (@CSouzy)

Last night we stopped by the University of Miami to check out Refresh Miami to find out the latest local innovations for the entertainment business. Refresh is a monthly meet-up for South Florida techies looking to connect with like-minded people, and learn from each other. All seats were filled, people chatting and eating pizza, while waiting for the presentations to start. It was great to see how dynamic the event was–truly refreshing. The topic of the night was Tech+Entertainment.

The two presenting companies were local startups, Bareye and NightPro, both aiming at finding solutions targeting the nightlife/entertainment industries. Bareye is an app where you can buy your friend a drink using your phone, while NightPro is a promoter management software. The level of audience interest and exchange of information was amazing, not to mention the great networking!

Personally, I will probably be more inclined to use the Bareye app to buy my friends everywhere a couple of cheeky drinks (this may take drunk dialing to a whole ‘nother level!), but I was very impressed with the Night Pro business plan, layout and efficiency. Both companies have done extensive market research, and both in talks with clients in the entertainment business.

Next round of drinks is on me errrvbody…just check your phones! Oh, and I may become a promoter too while I’m at it, so be nice if you want a table n’ bottles! Remember, hot girls only…preferably models ;-)!

To be fair, I got a lot more out of last night’s Refresh Miami meet-up than a possible career changes and more convenient way to get drunk.

Definitely going to next month’s event, and look forward to mingling and some pepperoni pizza. Rumor has it there will be drink at the next Refresh Miami Aug. 29, so don’t miss it!